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Compensation Plan Math Vs Human Nature

Compensation Plan Math Versus Human Nature –

SFI Forum Post by Leon McKee

The math of projecting results in this business can get exciting! I remember, 31 years ago to be exact, not being able to sleep at night because of the math. Visions of 5 x 3 literally danced in my head! You know, find 5 who find 5 who find 5 etc… I remember thinking that it sounded so easy that anyone could do it and I was determined to be successful. Here’s what I learned over the years…

Statistically, 50% of your entire team will end up under just ONE leader! Ok, SFI’s unique 12 level compensation plan does throw that number off, but it’s still an industry fact. I’ve actually experienced this several times while building to a full-time income. Why is this?

The reason why this happens is human nature. Finding just one that will find 5 is not easy! The world is full of different personalities and distractions. This is why we sort through prospects versus trying to convince prospects! Once I accepted these facts I was actually able to build a significant full-time income. A very wise and experienced Networker explained all of this to me and strongly advised I focus on sorting and not convincing. This is when my career took off like a rocket.

A growing team with active leadership actually looks like an odd shaped diamond. Narrow at the top and bottom while having a wide middle. The shape of the organization is always in flux, but it always resembles a diamond. Again, this is because of the human nature element of our business and not the compensation plan math.

I strongly recommend focusing on sorting and not convincing all while not getting caught up in the math. There’s no such thing as a straight line in nature.

By Leon McKee





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